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Pet Procedure


Pet Procedure Palmetto Resort Hotel.jpg
  • All guests entering the hotel with their pets are required to sign the "Pet Procedure".

  • Our furry friends can only stay in garden floor rooms.

  • Pets up to 5 kg are accepted and are free of charge. They can accommodate one pet in each room.

  • Pets' bedding, food and water bowls are provided by the owners.

  • Pets must be kept under control and supervision, on a leash, at all times in hotel public areas designated by the property. The pet cannot be left unattended and is entirely the responsibility of the owner.

  • Pets cannot enter the interiors of social areas (such as Spa, restaurant), pool and pier within the hotel. They can be found on a leash with their owners on a sandy beach or in a grassy garden area.

  • In cases where the pet may cause complaints from other guests, the pet-owning guest already accepts the complaint resolving solutions that the facility will find (such as changing rooms or leaving the hotel).

  • Any damage that the pet may cause in the facility, cleaning and repair, etc. The owner undertakes to pay the amount determined by the hotel at the reservation stage.

Neden Önemli?


Bu belge, çevresel sürdürülebilirlik, toplumsal sorumluluk ve ekonomik sürdürülebilirlik alanlarında attığımız adımların bir sonucudur. Misyonumuz, gelecek nesillere daha yaşanabilir bir dünya bırakmak adına sürdürülebilirlik ilkelerine sadık kalarak, hem misafirlerimize hem de çevreye karşı sorumluluklarımızı yerine getirmektir.Palmetto Resort Hotel olarak, sürdürülebilir turizmi desteklemeye ve çevreye duyarlı uygulamalarımızı artırmaya devam edeceğiz. Bu yolda bizlere destek olan tüm misafirlerimize teşekkür ederiz.

Belgemizin detayları için ;

  • Guests with pets are expected to be particularly sensitive about the necessary cleaning of the hotel's general areas and surrounding areas after their pets are out walking.

  • Health certificate showing regular veterinary records of the pet, vaccination paper, etc. The documents are expected to be with the pet owner guest during the stay and to be presented to the hotel management upon request of the hotel. Pets cannot be accepted to the hotel if the relevant documents are missing.

  • Pets cannot benefit from the products and services available to guests (such as towels, plates and glasses).

  • During room cleaning, the pet must be with its owner outside or inside the room and on a leash.

  • The hotel has the right to limit the number of pets that can be accommodated in rooms and in the entire hotel.

  • Management reserves the right to refuse service to guests who do not comply with Palmetto Resort Hotel's pet-friendly policies.

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